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Graduate Student Appreciation Week

Written by Sofia Marti

May 10, 2022

General shot of campus as part of Grad Appreciation Week.

Networking and career advisement—plus celebrations!—cornerstones of events to mark the accomplishments and successes of graduate students. 

With finals and summer approaching rapidly, graduation and commencement will soon be here. While undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies are June 12, there are events leading up to the day to celebrate the transition from student to alum and the start of professional journeys. 

This year, one of those celebrations is the first Graduate Student Appreciation Week, May 9–13. The week is about showing appreciation for graduate and professional-level students and providing opportunities for them as they prepare soon to enter the work force or shift careers, post-graduation. The Graduate Student Council partnered with the Career Engagement Office and Alumni Engagement to make this week a reality for students, faculty, staff and alumni to all share in the excitement. 

I spoke with Josephine “Gigi” Gaultier, a second-year graduate student in the Student Development Administration Program and vice chair of community development and relations on the Graduate Student Council, on the meaning behind the week and the value among the different events. 

“During my time in Graduate Student Council, I’ve realized that not everyone has the close-knit community I do with my cohort. I wanted to be a part of something that would allow all of us to network and build better relationships with each other before we graduate,” said Gaultier. The week started off with a welcome email that featured personalized videos from faculty and staff extending congratulations to the graduate students. 

There are a series of alumni networking events that are happening throughout the week featuring representation from the different schools and colleges. These networking events will be hosted as social evenings where food and drinks will be provided, giving space for peers, alumni, faculty and staff to all come together and hear each other’s stories and perspectives. The main goal is to get students to connect with others in hopes that those connections will help them after graduation when looking for employment.

Graduate students can connect one-on-one with career coaches and gain tips on any professionalism information they need to know on Thursday, May 12, 3-3:45 p.m., in Ask me Anything: Career Coach Edition (connect to the virtual event via Handshake). 

The week will close with two main events, both on Friday, May 13: The first is the Research and Leadership Symposium and Multicultural Appreciation, 3-5 p.m. in the lobby of Pigott Auditorium. The event will showcase posters featuring outcomes of research and leadership.

Following the symposium is the final event of the week, an awards ceremony and reception, 5:30-7 p.m., also in Pigott. This event is intended to highlight members within different cohorts and communities and commemorate their outstanding work they put into their time at SU. The event will also introduce next year’s Graduate Student Council. 

Get more information on these events and how you can celebrate Graduate Appreciation Week.