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Putin Confronts the Free World: A Discussion with Gen. McCaffery & Locke

May 9, 2022

Barry McCaffery Gary Locke

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Talk is latest in the Institute of Public Service's 'Conversations' series

General Barry R. McCaffrey and former Washington Governor Gary Locke are the guest speakers of the latest “Conversations” series presented by the Institute of Public Service. The talk, “Putin Confronts the Free World,” is May 16, 6:30 p.m. at Pigott Auditorium. Register at the link to enjoy a conversation with these experts about the major foreign policy challenges facing the United States.

 Retired Gen. McCaffrey a national security and terrorism analyst for NBC News and president of his consulting firm BR McCaffery Associates, will appear on stage with Locke, former ambassador to China. The pair will be interviewed by IPS Professor Larry Hubbell and IPS Professional in Residence Joni Balter, with questions from several students as well.

For five years after leaving the military, Gen. McCaffrey served as the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). Upon leaving government service, he served at West Point as the Bradley Distinguished Professor of International Security Studies from 2001-2005 and as an adjunct professor of International Security Studies from 2006-2010. Previously, he served as an associate professor in the Department of Social Sciences from 1973-1976, teaching American Government and Comparative Politics.

As Governor of Washington State—the first Chinese American to be elected governor in the U.S. and the first Asian American governor on the mainland—U.S. Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Ambassador to China, Locke has been a leader in the areas of education, employment, trade, health care, human rights, immigration reform, privacy and the environment. Currently, Locke serves as the interim president of Bellevue College.




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