I'm coordinating a campus event-what's the best way to register guests and receive payments?

January 26, 2015

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Event Registration

Q:   I'm coordinating a campus event--what's the best way to register guests and receive payments? 

A:   Good news! Through the efforts of Conference and Event Services (CES), event coordinators will soon have access to a new system for receiving RSVPs and taking payments. 

The registration system, RegOnline (www.regonline.com), is actually the same one CES has been using for nearly a decade. It will be directly accessible to event organizers throughout campus by the end of February, says Nick Martinez, registration coordinator in CES. 

Martinez says that updates in recent years have made the system easier to use. He has designed a number of templates that can be used by event organizers, and each can be tweaked further to fit their individual needs. He will also provide support for users of the system. 

The system is particularly useful when it comes to collecting payments. In the past, event organizers had to receive payments on site or by check through the mail. Some organizers were even having to set up their own PayPal accounts, which was not only a burden for them but also for the Controller's Office staff as they tried to properly track and account for the payments. 

Even before its official launch, the system is already being used by organizers of some campus events such as the Search for Meaning Festival (Feb. 28). 

"A campus need was identified," says Kit Morse, director of CES. "This is a really great customer service tool. We've already received a lot of positive feedback from those who have had a chance to use it." 

Stay tuned: A link to the registration system will soon be available on CES's website.