What do I need to do for Open Enrollment?

November 6, 2013

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Open Enrollment

 Q:  What do I need to do for Open Enrollment?

 A:  Open Enrollment for your 2014 benefits program is underway and will continue through Friday, Nov. 15. With significant adjustments made to healthcare benefits in recent years, it's important to carefully study all of your options and select the best insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

Here are some recommendations from Human Resources: 

  • Review your options by reading through all the communications you've received on open enrollment.
  • Consider your needs for the upcoming year. Take a look at your claims from previous year and anticipate any future needs.
  • Choose a health plan that is right for you.
  • Decide whether to enroll or reenroll in a flexible spending account (FSA) and how much to contribute.  Health Savings Account participants receive tax benefits through that plan and are able to also enroll in a healthcare FSA.
  • Complete your enrollment form and return it to Human Resources by Nov. 15.