Meet the Staff

Photo of Michelle Minjoe Kim-Beasley (she/her)

Michelle Minjoe Kim-Beasley (she/her)

B.A. in Criminology, Law, and Society
M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs


Phone: 206-296-6078

Building/Room: PAVL 180B

Michelle joined the Redhawk family in July 2012 and has called Seattle "home" since then. Seattle is a special place because it's where she met her husband and welcomed their first baby. Michelle is a 1.5 generation Korean immigrant. Though born in Korea, she refers to the Bay Area as her hometown. Michelle is a first generation college student (first in her family to obtain a college degree in the U.S.), having earned her B.A. in Criminology, Law and Society from University of California, Irvine. She is also an alum of The Ohio State University where she received her M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs. 


Photo of Ashlee Day (she/they)

Ashlee Day (she/they)

B.A. in Philosophy

Assistant Director

Phone: 206-296-2644

Building/Room: PAVL 180C

Ashlee started at Seattle U in Fall 2019, and this first year has definitely been unprecedented but also very fulfilling. Ashlee was born in Long Island, NY, but she was raised in the Atlanta area, and although she has relocated to the West Coast she still goes back East to see family and friends when she can. They are a proud women's college graduate, and received their B.A. in Philosophy from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.


Photo of Karina Saunders (she/her)

Karina Saunders (she/her)

B.A. in Spanish
M.Ed. in Student Development Administration

Assistant Director

Phone: 206-296-6074

Building/Room: PAVL 180D

With a Brazilian father and proud New York Puerto Rican mother, Karina grew-up in a lively LatinX family in New York City. Karina first discovered she was “East-Coast” when moving to Seattle in 2014. She loves connecting with people and sharing stories of home, food, and the things that make people come alive.


Photo of Gabby Rios (she/they)

Gabby Rios (she/they)

B.A. Social Policy

Graduate Program Coordinator

Building/Room: PAVL 180

Gabby is a first-year graduate student in SU's Student Development Administration program. They are from San Antonio, TX and spent their undergrad at Northwestern University, where they majored in Social Policy, and minored in Latinx Studies, and Film & Media Studies.


Photo of Kiarra Woodman (She/Her)

Kiarra Woodman (She/Her)

Office Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 180

Kiarra is a fourth-year social work major from Wisconsin. She supports the Food Security Initiative at OMA and is passionate about making sure students on campus have secure meals. When she's not studying, Kiarra loves to travel abroad, cook, and drive around the Seattle area to search for thrift stores and good food.

Photo of Nikki Horinouchi (she/her)

Nikki Horinouchi (she/her)

Office Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 180

Nikki is a first-year student at Seattle University, majoring in Creative Writing. She comes from her hometown Kaneohe, Hawaii, and hopes to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment among Seattle University's campus. She knows that working with OMA will allow her to learn more about how to support minority groups, and understand equality on a deeper level.

Nikki is excited to work with OMA to support her community and create a space rich with culture and understanding. Nikki loves to read and play video games during her free time. And, when she's at home she loves to drive around the beautiful island of Oahu. 

Photo of Rithikaa Prakash (she/her)

Rithikaa Prakash (she/her)

Office Assistant

Building/Room: PAVL 180

Rithikaa is a first year Computer Science student at Seattle University from Sammamish WA. She is so excited to work at OMA and connect with other students who have diverse backgrounds and identities. She loves to explore Seattle, thrift, and practices various handmade crafts such as knitting and jewelry making. She is excited to join the rest of the team in creating a safe space for students to support and empower one another.