Application Process


The application takes about 30 minutes to fill out; it is linked here.

What you need to provide:

  • Demographic information (provide your Washington address even if you are not from the state)
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Assets (not used for SNAP, but used to dual-screen you for other welfare programs)

You should receive notification about your approval within two weeks. They usually will approve you for a six to twelve month period.


Once your application is processed and you receive approval for an interview, you must reach out to DSHS to schedule it. They will not call you first. You can call them at 877-501-2233 between 8am-3pm M-F (except on federal holidays). This interview is not a question of character; it is only to confirm the information you provided in your application and ask any clarifying questions.


DSHS may ask you to verify your income or submit documents regarding your financial aid after your interview. If that’s the case, you can either mail, fax, or email them your documents. This can prolong the application process by a few weeks.


It is recommended you call DSHS to ask for status updates on your application if they are taking longer than you expect. You should also keep your case number on hand when in contact with them, listed at the top right of any official mail from DSHS. This is the main way they will identify you and your application.

DSHS recently reopened its offices for in-person applications. This can greatly speed up the application process. You can visit the Capitol Hill DSHS Office at 1700 E Cherry St, Suite 100.