Meet the Mentors!

Meet the Mentors!

Our CLP Peer Mentors work hard to create an impactful experience for students. They help plan meetings, lead discussions, and set up fun and engaging activities to help incoming students adjust to their life at Seattle University. Peer mentors provide support to incoming students through words of advice, answering questions, and spreading information about campus events. 

Photo of Alex Takemoto (They/She)

Alex Takemoto (They/She)

Photo of Diego Borromeo (He/Him)

Diego Borromeo (He/Him)

Photo of Grace Nguyen (She/Her)

Grace Nguyen (She/Her)

Photo of Jasmine Vu (She/They)

Jasmine Vu (She/They)

Photo of Mariam Gohar (She/Her)

Mariam Gohar (She/Her)

Photo of Nitya Kulkarni (She/Her)

Nitya Kulkarni (She/Her)