Seattle University‘s Student Health Center appreciates the diversity of our students in gender identity, gender expression and orientation.  Furthermore, we are aware that all individuals have unique and distinct identities, cultural and psychosocial characteristics and health care vulnerabilities that should be addressed by health care providers.  We are proud to offer the following services to our students: general physicals, pap smears, diagnosis and treatment of acute illness such as colds, flu, headaches etc., management of chronic medical problems, treatment of injuries and skin problems, STD and pregnancy testing, medication management for mental health concerns, immunizations, allergy shots, and laboratory services.  Trans/gender non-conforming individuals often have needs for hormonal or surgical therapies and these needs are best provided by a specialty team.  At the Student Health Center, we are prepared to assist with maintenance therapy, such as refilling medications and ordering appropriate laboratory tests and can refer for any specialized treatment that is needed. 

For more information please visit the Student Health Center Website.

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