Residence Hall Living

Your student's experience in the residence halls will be exciting. They will meet and make friends with many people from different backgrounds and have multiple opportunities to get involved in programs and activities that will round out their academic pursuits, challenge them to think, and contribute to their learning and development.

We strongly encourage them to be involved in floor and hall activities, the residence hall councils, and to take advantage of the many programs and services available to them as a residence hall student at Seattle University.

One of the most exciting and potentially challenging aspects of on-campus living is the relationship between roommates. For many students, this is the first time they have shared a room, and it is probably with someone they do not know!

Early and frequent communication between students regarding their expectations for use of the room, study time, sharing personal items, visitors, cleanliness, noise levels, etc., will set the groundwork for a positive roommate experience. At the beginning of each year, roommates will be asked to have a discussion and complete a "roommate agreement form" to help set those expectations.

One of the best recommendations that can be offered to your student is to have mutual respect and consideration for others. Before they act, we recommend that they consider the impact their behavior may have upon the lives of their fellow community members.

As a part of the Seattle University residential community, each Seattle University resident has rights and responsibilities that are intended to help students develop healthy community living arrangements. To view these rights, please look at the .