Alarm Code Activation


Public Safety is using new service portal to manage building access requests including keys, cards, cipher, and alarm codes.

Changes for Vendor and Temp cards:

Supercopy now charges $5 card fee via ProcureSU for vendors, guests, etc.

After placing your Vendor/Temp account and building access request in Public Safety portal, you will be notified about the next step which is to order their ID card through Supercopy. See message below for the details.

Orders should be placed through ProcureSU using the form entitled “Supplementary ID Badges”. This form is also used for Privilege Cards (for vendors, guests, etc.) and Copy Cards. If you are a supervisor with a Seattle University email address, you should be able to place the order yourself. If you are not a supervisor, please forward this message to them. If you do not have a Seattle University email address, you’ll need to work with your SU representative to place the order.