Campus Safety Steps You Can Take

May 21, 2018

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, 

As we hold the victims and their loved ones in Santa Fe, Texas in our hearts and prayers following Friday’s horrific tragedy, it is also important for us to be aware of measures we can all take individually to enhance the safety of our campus community. 

It is important to stay informed when there is an emergency on or near campus. We strongly encourage you to sign up for emergency text messages from the Department of Public Safety through our text messaging system. Public Safety will immediately send out a text with the type of emergency and any instructions to help you stay safe. Public Safety will also send out information and instructions on our other emergency notification platforms (Desktop computers, campus phones and area-wide broadcast towers), if it is safe to do so. 

If you see someone acting suspiciously or have information regarding someone talking about committing an act of violence, please report it immediately to Public Safety at 206-296-5911. You can also contact Public Safety at the emergency phone towers stationed across campus. Depending upon the nature of the reports or in the event of a widely covered tragedy like Santa Fe, Public Safety will frequently put additional or enhanced security measures in place—some more visible than others.

Public Safety has worked with the Seattle Police Department and Seattle Fire Department on a coordinated response in the event of an armed intruder on campus. In such an event, Public Safety will facilitate the police and fire departments' response. 

The Department of Public Safety offers information and training on armed intruders. Please contact me to speak with your group about how to stay safe during an incident of campus violence. Additionally, resources on how to respond during campus emergencies can be found at Public Safety


Chris Wilcoxen 
Assistant Director of Emergency Operations

To sign up for emergency text alerts, text SeattleUAlert to 79516.