Computers and Electronics

Laptop Security

Cable Locks

One of the most effective solutions to help deter theft is to attach a security cable to your laptop.  While buying a good sturdy cable is important, make sure that the lock itself is sturdy.  Tubular locks are preferred to the common tumbler lock.

Other options for laptop security include Docking Stations for resident rooms, laptops equipped with theft tracking software (e.g. LoJack for Laptops), and hard drive locks.

Personal Electronics Security

Mp3 Players, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones

Be Cautious! High value portable devices are heavily targeted items by criminals. These devices also may become a distraction, which may make you more vulnerable to someone who is looking to commit a 'crime of opportunity'.

SPD and DPS are aware of reports from individuals reporting a crime against their person that occurred while walking along and listening to their ear phones. It is important to suspend the use of electronic devices to ensure a complete awareness of your surroundings.

Campus Public Safety has engraving tools available and can provide instruction to anyone interested in marking and identifying valuable items.

Never leave valuables unattended.