Reporting a Crime

Reporting a Crime

If you witness a crime in progress, call 9-1-1 or the campus emergency line at 206.296.5911 or extension x5911 on a campus phone.

To report a crime, visit the Public Safety office in room 102 in the University Services Building (across from the book store). If the office is closed, call our 24 hour Communication Center at 206-296-5911 and an officer will be dispatched to meet with you. A report will be filed and a public safety employee will work with you to decide if and what the next steps may be.

Reporting Suspicious Persons or Activities

If you see someone or something suspicious on or near campus, please contact us using the 24-hour line: 206.296.5911, or ext. 5911 from any on campus phone. Be sure to report something suspicious even if you are unsure what the person or persons are doing. Officers would much rather respond to a call regarding a suspicious person and have it turn up to be nothing, then not know about a suspicious activity and have it turn into a potentially dangerous situation.

To inform the responding units, there are a few items of information the officer on the line may ask from you, including:

  • Where the persons are / Where the activity taking place.
  • What he/she/they are doing.
  • How many people there are.
  • What he/she/they look like.