Emergency Notifications

Public Safety's Location

 The Department of Public Safety is located in the 1313 Columbia Building (CLMB), room 002. Community members have afterhours card swipe access to the main entry doors of the CLMB to connect with Public Safety or call 206.296.5990 24-hours a day 

University Safety 'Blue Light' Phones & Emergency Broadcast Alert System

Official SU announcements via voice broadcast.

Campus is equipped with 'Blue Light' safety phones on campus malls, parking areas, residence hall entries, and intramural fields. Some Safety 'Blue Light' phones are equipped with Emergency Broadcast Alert capabilities and are strategically placed throughout the campus.

In an emergency you can push the emergency button and be connected to the campus public safety dispatcher. Campus Public Safety officers will broadcast an emergency alert message in the event of a serious incident or life safety concern.

University 'Wireless' Emergency Notification System

Official SU announcements via text message, e-mail and more.

Public Safety Emergency Alerts will notify you via text messaging, e-mail and other methods in case of an emergency or campus safety situation.

New users can sign up here for Public Safety Emergency Alerts. Registration is simple and free. *(see terms of service posted on the campus public safety web page).

During an emergency situation, Public Safety Emergency Alert is the quickest way for you to find out information and to take action.

University Emergencies

Certain types of emergencies (an armed intruder, chemical, biological threat, or radiological incident) may warrant campus and 911 authorities to issue shelter-in-place alerts. In these instances, seek shelter inside an interior room (bathroom, internal office, classroom, etc). Close all doors and windows and cover all ventilation vents with damp clothing, towels, or papers. Stay in place and turn on a radio, cell phones, e-mail computers, and/or university emergency status web page, to watch and/or listen for text and voice updates from campus and/or 911 authorities.

Evacuation Assembly Points

Emergency circumstances may require all persons to leave initial evacuation assemble areas and move to the University Evacuation camp, which is located at Championship field. Public safety staff will advise when further evacuation is necessary.