Learning Outcomes

Dedicated to Your Future.

SU’s Chemistry and Biochemistry Learning Outcomes are focused on your success. On successful completion of chemistry degree programs, you will be able to:

Chemistry fundamentals. Master fundamental knowledge and principles from general, organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry.
Experimentation. Plan, safely conduct, troubleshoot, and document lab experiments that answer chemical questions.
Problem solving. Devise and implement approaches that effectively address complex problems.
Critical thinking. Analyze data, results, theories, explanations, and hypotheses by applying chemical knowledge and intuition.
Communication. Communicate effectively and persuasively with technical audiences in written and oral forms; develop strategies to understand the technical communications of others.
Collaboration. Build on individual strengths to work collectively towards a goal; articulate ideas clearly; play various roles that help the group progress.
Professional behavior. Demonstrate timeliness, earnestness, honesty, self-awareness, self-regulation, and ethical responsibility in communications and collaborations.
Reflection. Develop the habit of reconsidering ideas or experiences to gain new insights, to discover deeper meaning, or to improve over time.