Transfer Students

 Seattle University Welcomes Transfer Students

About 1/3 of our undergraduate students in the CS department are transfer students. We work with you to develop a personalized program of study and work with the local colleges to ensure that your credits can count toward your Seattle U degree.

Recommended courses for transferring to the Computer Science are listed on the Transfer Admission Requirements page. Use the Transfer Equivalence Guide to obtain more information.

Questions? Contact the Admissions OfficeScience & Engineering Advising Center or the Computer Science Department. We can answer your questions and help you determine the best quarter to apply for admission.


Computer Science was amazing. They want you in the program and they offer a really interesting year-long capstone project. In the senior year students work on a team to design a software product for a local company. My team worked on a mobile ultrasound image sharing application for Philips. It was a great life experience and taught me a lot about real world software development. The teachers are great, the class sizes small, and you really get a lot out of the program. I recommend it highly.

Kyle Zielinski BSCS ’11 Microsoft

Frank Fuentes, President SU ACM Chapter

Transferring to Seattle University was one of the easiest choices I ever made. The opportunities to make friends is also one of the great resources, especially in the CS Lounge which is a study place and hang out spot for CS students.

BSCS '17

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