Summer Research Begins

A group picture from the opening BBQ for Summer Research 2019
Photography by Teresa Beery
June 21, 2019

The summer research program began with a BBQ. Each day of the summer, SU students across all disciplines of Science and Engineering are working with faculty to research difficult problems.

In ECE, Professor Mehmet Vurkac is working with 3 ECE Students as follows: Kyle Sharp on Computational Modeling of the Fronto - Striatal Dopaminergic System, Zachary Chandler on Toward Simple Wearables to Alleviate Gait Difficulties in PD without Side Effects Ordeterioration of Efficacy and Edward Gao on Bits Beats Bayes Brains.

The Summer Research Program will culminate in a poster session in October to present all the research. This is a great opportunity for students to dive into research on a specific issue. Many are inspired to go on to graduate school or find their area of specialization based on this experience.