Financial Literacy

Why Financial Literacy?

Seattle University understands that making choices about paying for college is often the first major financial decision that young adults will make.  We are committed to helping students gain the knowledge and access necessary resources to make the best financial decisions for themselves and to make obtaining their degree a reality. 

The following financial literacy information helps students understand basic personal finance concepts, learn about student loans and how those are paid back after college, as well as other helpful tools to practice good financial habits. 

College Scorecard

Students can use this interactive tool to find and compare colleges with info on college costs, graduation rates, and the average amount students borrow.

College Scorecard 


Free online financial education courses that help students take control of their financial future.


Budgeting How-to

Provides an overview of how budgeting can help students make smart financial decisions, as well as information on creating and maintaining a budget.

Budget Video

Financial Awareness Counseling Tool

Interactive counseling tool that helps students understand the basics of financial management and financial aid for college (including loan management).

Financial Awareness Counseling

Federal Student Loan Fact Sheet

Fact sheet with important points when considering using federal student loans to help cover the costs of college

Why Get a Federal Student Loan?

Understanding Loan Repayment

Provides information about federal student loan repayment plan options, finding loan history and loan servicers, and making payments.

Federal Loan Repayment