Search for Meaning 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Pigott & Campion Tents


Rev Dr Sandy Brown | The Pilgrim Way: Trekking through Italy with St. Francis | Sullivan Ct C1 
Diana Butler Bass PhD | Grounded: God, the World, and a Spiritual Revolution | Sullivan Ct C5 
Jim D. Currie | Personal and Planetary Healing: Keeping Spirit Alive When the Wheels Come Off | Pigott 106 
Kevin Grange | Searching for Meaning in the Land of the Thunder Dragon | Sullivan 110 
Rev Steven Greenebaum MA | Spiritual Humility: The Faith of Interfaith | Pigott 100 
Gareth Higgins PhD | Storytelling and the End of Violence | Pigott 102 
Wendy Hinman | There Must Be More to Life Than This: Creating the Life That You Want | Pigott 109 

Bharti Kirchner MS | Goddess of Fire: A Humble Village Girl Empowers Her People | Sullivan Ct C3 
Dr David Korten MBA, PhD | Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth | Sullivan Ct C6 
Deborah Jian Lee MS | Writing Through Doubt | Pigott 103 
Michael T. McRay MPhil | A Storied Resistance: Dismantling the Enemy in Palestine and Prison | Sullivan 109 
Rev Dr Phyllis Ratcliff-Beaumonte MA, MAPS, DMin | Women Advocating for Social Justice and Equality | Sullivan 105
Fr Antonio Spadaro STD | Pope Francis and the Internet Culture | Pigott 104-Auditorium 
Professor Eugene Webb PhD | In Search of the Triune God: The Christian Paths of East and West | Pigott 105
Ron Young | Crossing Boundaries: Fifty Years Working for Justice and Peace. A Reading and Discussion | Pigott 101

Book Signing 

Session 1 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium

Keynote Presentation and Q&A 

Suki Kim | Without You, There is No Us | Pigott 104- Auditorium 
Sam Quinones | Heroin, Shoelaces, Levi's and Walmart –The End of Community And Its Re-creation | Campion Ballroom

Keynote Book Signing

Suki Kim | Pigott 104-Auditorium 
Sam Quinones | Campion Ballroom

11:30am – 2:00pm

Lunch Break


Juliette Aristides | On Seeing: Art as a Portal to Living More Fully | Vachon Gallery-Fine Arts Building 
Rhoda Berlin MS, LMFT ; Harriet Cannon MC, LMFT, LMHC | Differences Seen and Unseen: So, where ARE you from? | Pigott 106 
Sr Mary C. Boys EdD | Transforming Troubling Tellings: Redeeming Biblical Texts Used Sacrilegiously | Pigott 100 
Colette Casavant MAPS, EdD ; Joelle Pretty MA | Questioning for Purpose: A Workshop on Career & Life Change Discernment | Pigott 103 
Brian Doyle | A Reading From My Work | Sullivan 105 
Elaine Dundon MBA ; Alexander Pattakos PhD | MEANINGology® and The OPA! Way® | Sullivan Ct C6 
Rabbi Amy Eilberg | From Enemy to Friend: Jewish Wisdom and the Pursuit of Peace | Pigott 101 
Anita N. Feng MFA, Zen Master | Sid: What Would the Life of Buddha Look Like if it were Lived Today? | Pigott 102 
Wendell V. George PE, BSEE | I am American (Indian) | Sullivan 109

Lesley Hazleton ; Nancy Pearl MLS, MA | Beyond Either/Or | Sullivan Ct C5 
Richard LeMieux | Never, Ever, Give Up Hope | Sullivan Ct C1 
Leticia Nieto PsyD | Social Justice Through Interpersonal Liberation: Strategic Interventions for Anti-Oppression | Pigott 109 
Zeki Saritoprak PhD | Jesus in Islam | Sullivan 110 
Damon Tweedy MD | Reflections on Race and Medicine | Pigott 104- Auditorium

Book Signing

Session 2 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium

Author Presentations 

Ellen Bass MA | Strange Angels: Poetry as a Path to Being Fully Present | Sullivan Ct C5
Sr Mary C. Boys EdD ; Zeki Saritoprak PhD ; Daniel A. Weiner, Senior Rabbi, Temple De Hirsch Sinai | Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?: Abrahamic Panel Discussion | Pigott 104 – Auditorium

Andrée Aelion Brooks | Jewish Women Challenging the World | Pigott 101 
Julia Cameron | The Artist’s Way: Creative Myths and Monsters | Vachon Gallery-Fine Arts Building 
Palmer Chinchen PhD | Generation Justice: Understanding the Inseparable Connection Between Spiritual Formation and Social Justice | Pigott 103 
Laura Da' MA | The Lyrical Counter Narrative: Drawing Poetic Inspiration from the Historical Record | Pigott 100 
Elizabeth Desimone MS | Guatemala in My Blood-How Nursing in Remote Jungle Villages Revolutionized My Life | Pigott 106 
Michael Golding | Learning to Live in the Invisible World | Sullivan 110 
Dr Charles Johnson UW Professor Emeritus | Spirituality and Storytelling | Sullivan Ct C1 
Rick Johnson PhD | Openness, Discernment, and Self Realization: A Psychological-Spiritual Path to Sustainable Meaning | Pigott 109 
Sonya Lea | Intimacy in Public: The Art of Candor in Memoir | Sullivan 109 
Rev Dr Rebecca Ann Parker Dmin | The End of God: How Saying No to God Can Be the Beginning of Spiritual Wisdom | Sullivan Ct C3 
Dr Laura Stivers PhD | Disrupting Homelessness: From Charity to Community | Sullivan 105 
Sunil Yapa ; co-production with Hugo House, Peter Mountford | Radical Empathy: The Role of Compassion in Our Global Economy | Sullivan Ct C6

Book Signing 

Session 3 Authors | Pigott First Floor Atrium

Keynote Presentation and Q&A 

Tracy Kidder | Mountains Beyond Mountains | Campion Ballroom

Keynote Book Signing 

Tracy Kidder | Campion Ballroom