Access to the SHC Policy

Accessing the SHC Policy

Medical Excuse Note Policy

Our office does not provide medical excuses for illness, injury or mental health problems that may lead to missed class, exams or academic deadlines.  For our full policy, please click here: Medical Excuse Policy

Records Requests

Students may request a copy of their medical records by submitting a  form to our office.  By law, we have 15 days from the day we receive the request to disclose records to where the student specifies on their form. Requests are processed in the order they are received.

Prescription Medication Refills

To request a prescription refill, you will need to call your pharmacy and have them submit a request.  Please allow 48 hours for prescription refills to be completed by the Student Health Center.  Requests submitted on Friday will be addressed the following week.

ADHD Medication prescribing

Requirements for SU SHC management of ADHD medications 

ADHD medication management agreement

Further clarification on documentation needed:

  1. Documentation of ADHD diagnosis, at a minimum needs to include the following three components:
    • Comprehensive interview/evaluation including medical, developmental, educational, psychological, social and employment history as applicable to age at time of evaluation which led to the diagnosis of ADHD
    • Behavior rating scales (does not include screens) including at least one ADHD specific scale. Examples: Behavioral assessment system, Vanderbilt Assessment Scale, Connors comprehensive behavior, Child Behavior Checklist, Brown ADD Rating Scale, Connors ADHD rating scale, Adult ADHD self-report, Childhood & Current symptoms scale, etc.
    • Collateral measures such as rating scales completed by someone other than the patient (parent, teacher, significant other, etc.)
  2. Records of your prescription history (medications tried, current meds, etc.)
  3. Records of your current medication and dose