Collegia Program

Our Mission

The Collegia Program creates caring and diverse learning communities of commuter students that provide a broader educational experience steeped in the Jesuit values of Seattle University. Collegium staff offer a variety of educational and social programming opportunities to integrate learning, present leadership opportunities, and promote a sense of belonging.

Our collegia provide beautiful and welcoming environments that support the day-to-day needs of the complex lives of commuter and transfer students through study space, kitchenettes, access to campus resources, computers, and printers.

The Collegia Program is committed to:

  • Fostering a sense of belonging by providing a home-like space where students have a sense of ownership and can build sustaining relationships.
  • Develop community identity by providing a setting that promotes the building of friendships by enabling groups of students to study together, socialize, and participate in shared activities.
  • Encourage learning beyond the classroom by providing a broader educational experience for the student through an environment that promotes collaborative learning, gives access to resources, enables interdisciplinary interactions, gives leadership opportunities, and provides social learning experiences about the challenges and blessings of being together in community.

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What is a Collegium?

'Collegium' is from the Latin root meaning 'gathering place.'  The Collegia (plural) Program was the inspiration of a former president of Seattle University, Fr. William J. Sullivan, SJ. ('78-'98)  Fr. Sullivan envisioned groups of commuter students having a place of belonging, a "home away from home,"  that would support a sense of connection to the wider University community, and provide a broader overall educational experience.