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Hunthausen Hall

Hours of Operation

9 am-5 pm

9 am-4 pm

Hours will expand as we fill staff positions. Closed during breaks.

The McGoldrick Collegium is the home for graduate students and adult learners over the age of 25. McGoldrick Collegium is staffed by current Seattle U students.

The McGoldrick Collegium offers a comfortable, engaging, and fun community space.

Visit McGoldrick Collegium and you can enjoy:

  • An outdoor patio
  • Kitchenette
  • Printing & Study Area
  • Proximity to shops and restaurants on 12th Avenue such as Café Presse, Mighty O Donuts, and Stumptown Coffee

Be sure to check out our Graduate Student Resource Hub that highlights some of the resources you can take advantage of during your time at SU.

To stay connected to community, we hope you'll join our Graduate Students & Adult Learners Facebook Group and email us if you are an Adult Learner that hasn't joined our Canvas community yet.

If you're interested in joining the team, please check out our open position in Handshake. We appreciate your patience while we hire new staff in order to expand our open hours.

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(206) 296-6349

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