How we Process Paper Checks

Processing Paper Checks

While the majority of grant, scholarship and loan funds are transmitted to SU electronically via electronic fund transfer (EFT), some still arrive as paper checks. These checks are either payable to the student only, to the student and Seattle University, or to Seattle University only.

All checks that include Seattle University on the payee line must be applied to the student's account. If the Student Financial Services Office receives a check with only the student's name on the payee line, a notification will be sent to the student's SU email address asking them to come to the office.  The student will have the option of endorsing the check to their student account or taking it to cover other costs.

If processing a check creates a credit balance on the student's account, that balance will be refunded to the student.  For more information, see Credit Balance Refunds.

The student is responsible for ensuring that grant, scholarship or loan funds have been received at Seattle University in time to meet the payment due date for the current quarter.

Private Outside Scholarship Checks

Checks from scholarship donors can be sent directly to the Student Financial Services Office. Donors should be reminded to make their checks payable to Seattle University and to include the student's name and Seattle U ID on the memo line. Checks should be mailed to:

Student Financial Services
Seattle University
901 12th Avenue
PO Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122

If these checks are made payable to Seattle University (not payable or co-payable to the student), they do not require the student's signature and will be applied directly to the student's account.