Sponsored Accounts

Students who have tuition payment arrangements through their employers or other third parties, such as ROTC or the Boeing Company, should follow these guidelines and share them with their sponsor, as needed:

Information for Students

Students should verify the payment arrangement with their sponsor. If the sponsor has agreed to be billed directly, they (the sponsor) should submit a voucher, letter of credit, or other form of authorization to Seattle University by the tuition due date for the quarter(s) being sponsored. The voucher should be on the sponsor's letterhead and include the following information:

  • The student's name and Seattle U ID
  • The type of charges the sponsor intends to cover: tuition, lab fees, matriculation fee, incidental fees, etc.,
  • The duration of the sponsorship: years, quarters, until graduation, etc.
  • The address to which the Student Financial Services Office should send bills

The Student Financial Services Office submits a bill directly to the student's sponsor immediately following the published add/drop period for the quarter and credits the student's account for that amount. The student receives a monthly statement reflecting the balance due on their account until the billing process is complete. The statement is for the student's records only; the student is not being asked to make a payment on their account.

Note: If a student's sponsor is not paying the full balance on the student's account, the student is responsible for paying the difference to Seattle University by the quarter's payment due date. If the student has financial aid over and above the charges covered by their sponsor, they should contact Student Financial Services to request a refund check because refunds do not automatically produce if a student's account has an outstanding balance.

Information for Sponsors

Sponsors should submit a voucher or letter of credit, produced on letterhead, including the following information:

  • The student's name and Seattle U ID
  • The type and/or amount of support the sponsor will be providing: tuition, lab fees, matriculation fee, incidental fees, etc.
  • The amount of time for which the sponsor intends to provide this support: years, quarters, until graduation, etc.
  • The address to which the Student Financial Services Office should send the billing for the sponsor's payment.

Vouchers or letters should be mailed to:

Sponsor Accounts Coordinator
Seattle University
Student Financial Services 
901 - 12th Avenue
PO Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090

Sponsors' vouchers or letters should be received by the student's payment due date for the first quarter being sponsored.

Payment Plan E: Employer Tuition Reimbursement Quarterly Deferred Payment Plan

Students who will receive tuition reimbursement through their employer AFTER coursework is completed and grades have been posted should see the "Payment Plan E" application.  The "Payment Plan E" application form is available from the Forms and Documents section of the Student Financial Services web site.