Marketing facilitates connections between a firm and its environment, consumers, suppliers, competitors, and stockholders. Marketers are involved in nearly all aspects of business activity, beginning with defining a firm's mission, assessing consumer wants and needs, developing strategies, designing products and services, implementing promotions, and monitoring consumers’ satisfaction with a firm's products.

A marketing major provides a wide variety of opportunities in digital marketing (e.g., in the online and mobile devices arena), market research, advertising, international marketing brand and product management, green marketing, sports marketing, social marketing, business-to-business marketing, professional selling and key account management, retailing, wholesaling, and manufacturing (e.g., new product development and supply-chain management). Minors in communications or English, Art/Graphic Design, Information Systems, Statistics, or Finance can both round out your degree and enhance your marketability for a number of the positions above, following graduation.

The Marketing Department at Albers houses the faculty in Marketing, Operations, Business Law, and Business Communications. Service learning is an important part of the curriculum. The graduate operations class learns project management skills through making repairs to our neighborhood seniors’ houses.

Top 25 Marketing Program

The Albers undergraduate marketing program is ranked among the top 25 marketing programs in the U.S. in 2019, according to DesignRush.