The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) supports the SU community with positioning scholarship for external funding, submitting competitive grant proposals, and maintaining compliance with active grant awards. The OSP offers quarterly workshops and events to celebrate the scholarly achievements of Seattle University. Please explore our website to get started or contact us with any questions or to schedule an individual consultation. We look forward to working with you!

OSP Resources to Support your Summer Scholarship

OSP encourages faculty and staff interested in pursuing external funding in support of their scholarship to make use of the wealth of resources available on our website and on our Events and Workshops Materials Archive this summer. Resources are available to support multiple dimensions of your scholarship, as outlined below:

Identifying Funding Opportunities

  • GrantForward Database: OSP encourages faculty to explore GrantForward, a funding opportunity database and recommendation service designed specifically for academic research that SU has recently invested in. GrantForward has many helpful features, including a dynamic search engine with customizable filters and mechanisms for developing regular funding alerts that are sent directly to you on a regular basis of your choosing. An overview about GrantForward with instructions for getting started is available here, with additional step-by-step guides available here. A great way to get started is to build your researcher profile to start receiving funding opportunity alerts relevant to your field(s) of expertise and interest.
  • OSP Curated Funding Opportunities Database: Please visit our OSP “Find Funding” page to search our curated list of funding opportunities featuring over 200 programs that may be of particular interest to SU faculty. The opportunity database can be filtered by discipline, topic, or sponsor to quickly narrow your search to relevant opportunities.   
  • Funding Opportunity Screening Worksheet: Once you've identified a potential funding opportunity, use this screening worksheet developed specifically for SU grant seekers to assist in determining its fit with your research agenda.

Research Development and Proposal Writing Resources

  • Developing a Research Roadmap: OSP has a variety of resources available to support you in developing a ‘roadmap’ and funding plan that maps research interests, capacities, and potential funding opportunities to identify pathways for achieving near-and long-term goals. Materials, including a resource sheet, and Research Roadmap and 5-Year Funding Plan templates, are available here.
  • Essentials of Proposal Development: Grant-seekers interested in learning more about positioning oneself for successful proposal writing – including critically reviewing funding announcements, developing project aims that respond to sponsor objectives, strategically conceptualizing projects, crafting compelling proposal narratives, and tips for using language effectively – are encouraged to make use of the many resources available here, including Resource Sheet, Pro-tips from grants-active SU faculty, and brief ‘Grant-writing Cheat Sheet.’
  • Developing a Grant Proposal Budget: A number of resources available here provide support in developing this often overlooked component of a proposal, including a sample budget, sample budget justification, and Resource Sheet.
  • Federal Agency Proposal Resources: Are you planning to submit a proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) or National Institutes of Health (NIH), or want to become more familiar with their proposal requirements? Visit our NSF Proposal Guide and NIH Proposal Guide to find guidance and templates on required sections of these proposals. Other excellent resources include recording and materials from our recent faculty learning session “The Room Where it Happened: Insights from Grant Review Panels,” in which SU faculty shared their lessons learned from serving as reviewers for federal and other agencies. A recording and materials are also available from our recent info session with a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Program Officer.

Your Sponsored Research Officer is here to help!

Whether you are curious to begin exploring possible avenues of support for your work, or have an active funded research program,  your Sponsored Research Officer is available through the summer to support you! Please do not hesitate to reach out:

  •  SRO supporting: Arts & Sciences, Biology, Center for Community Engagement, Education, Law
  • SRO supporting: Albers, Science & Engineering (except Biology), Nursing, and institutional efforts

Sarah Bricknell

Sponsored Research Officer

Jenna Isakson


Kara Luckey

Sponsored Research Officer