February: RecycleMania Month!

"There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere." -Annie Leanord - SU Welcomes the nation-wide RecycleMania competition to our campus! Check out more info about the events, volunteer opportunities, and info on what you can do to contribute here!

About CEJS

CEJS serves as a clearinghouse for Seattle University’s environmental programs and sustainability initiatives. If you have any questions about CEJS, campus sustainability, CEJS events, or have an interest in partnering: please contact us at cejs@seattleu.edu

Sustainability Stewardship

CEJS tracks SU’s progress towards its Climate Action Plan goals and promotes the increase of sustainable practices at SU. Read more:                   


CEJS works to expand sustainability in Academic Affairs by supporting interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, and learning in environmental justice and sustainability. Read more:

Campus Engagement

CEJS seeks to develop co-curricular programs for SU students, faculty, and staff. Read more:                                                                                              



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