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About CEJS

CEJS serves as the hub for Seattle University’s environmental programs and sustainability initiatives. If you have any questions about CEJS, campus sustainability, CEJS events, or have an interest in partnering: please contact us at

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Sustainability Stewardship

CEJS promotes Seattle University's climate action and campus sustainability performance, recognizing the centrality of environmental justice to our university’s mission and values, and integrating the science, economics and ethics of this issue in our programs, operations and investments. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY STEWARDSHIP HERE.

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CEJS works to advance sustainability in Academic Affairs by supporting interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, and learning in environmental justice and sustainability. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE ACADEMICS HERE.

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Campus Engagement

CEJS sponsors and develops co-curricular programs, events, and resources to encourage environmental justice and sustainability action, engage with community partners, and advance public policy. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CAMPUS ENGAGEMENT HERE.


  • Laudato Si' Acton Plan

    Laudato Si' Acton Plan

    In February 2023, the Laudato Si Action Platform leadership team finalized SU's Laudato Si’ Action Plan, with priorities and goals that span across campus operations, departments, and partnerships to advance "sustainability in the holistic spirit of integral ecology."

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    Our Spring newsletter is available! Learn about SU’s recent environmental justice and sustainability efforts and the work by students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

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  • USDA Forest Service Article:

    USDA Forest Service Article: "Students dive into real-world research and restoration of urban waterway"

    The Green-Duwamish River watershed, which runs through urban communities and into the industrial core of Seattle, includes some of the most diverse conditions in the Pacific Northwest. With support from the USDA Forest Service, four teams of undergrad students evaluated the potential to restore these waters by improving infrastructure management along the river.

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  • CEJS is celebrating its 10 year anniversary!

    CEJS is celebrating its 10 year anniversary!

    Thank you to all the students, staff, faculty and donors who have contributed to CEJS over the past decade. Check out the view book that commemorates our first 10 years

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  • SU Spring 2023 Magazine

    SU Spring 2023 Magazine

    Check out the Spring Edition of SU's magazine, featuring CEJS's Dr. Phil Thompson discussing the importance of CEJS, environmental justice, and sustainability.

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