Spring 2021

ICTC Spring Quarter Update

Posted by ICTC on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 1:02 PM PDT

ICTC Spring Quarter Update

We are looking forward to hosting a wonderfully diverse series of events this spring: lectures, conversations, research presentations and reading groups - please join us!

Included in the ICTC Spring Quarter Update:

  • ICTC Announcements: Jeanette Rodriguez named ICTC Director; 2021-22 ICTC Faculty Fellows announced; and upcoming opportunities
  • As we close our series on The Non-Violent Shift, the ICTC welcomes Erica Chenoweth from Harvard University on April 21 to speak on the future on non-violent resistance.
  • In lieu of the spring Catholic Heritage Lecture, the ICTC is co-sponsoring with Theology and Religious Studies the Ann O'Hara Graff Lecture with keynote M. Shawn Copeland from Boston College on May 13.
  • The spring Interreligious Dialogue Initiative welcomes Darrell Hillaire, Lummi Elder and Pat Twohy, SJ on May 19.
  • ICTC current faculty fellowspresent their research on various dates, see the details below.
  • ICTC will host "A Better Kind of Politics" panel on May 26.

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