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Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture

Call for Proposals

Due November 15, 2021

ICTC invites you to apply for the 2022-2023 ICTC Faculty Research Summer Fellowships. We will be accepting applications for the Summer Faculty Research Fellowship and the Summer Course Development Fellowship to fund projects that advance the University’s Jesuit Catholic Mission through faculty research or teaching.

  1. Summer Faculty Research Fellowships (up to $7,100). These fellowships encourage the exploration of a rich Catholic intellectual tradition that has made contributions to literature and the arts, natural and social sciences, social movements and social teachings. Applications that focus on recent areas of exploration by the ICTC are especially encouraged, such as immigration, migration and displacement; integral ecology and environmental justice; imagination and the arts; racial justice and inclusion; hope for the youth; and interreligious & interspiritual dialogue. Through these fellowships, you are able to travel for research purposes, to study archives, and ethnographic work. Fellows are encouraged to attend a short, intensive summer workshop on the Catholic intellectual tradition, additional stipend provided. Applicants seeking to be published will be prioritized.

 Examples of past recipients and their representative projects include:

  • "Visual Culture and Catholicism,” Kirsten Thompson, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (course development);
  • "Christian and Muslim Political Thought,” Maria Tedesco, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (course development);
  • "Global Perspectives on Mental Health,” Anne Farina, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (course development);
  • "On the Edges of Catholic Consciousness: Eastern Catholic in the United States,” Jaisy Joseph, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (research);
  • "Black Catholic Educators on Teaching for Justice: Reflections on Identity, Wholeness, and Reconciliation," Charisse Cowan Pitre, PhD, College of Education (research);
  • "Challenges to Thriving for the Marshallese Community in Washington State," Robin Narruhn, PhD, MN, RN, College of Nursing (research).

I am available to meet with anyone who has questions, please email me at

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee.

The deadline for submission is November 15, 2021. Submissions should be made to ICTC@seattleu.eduWe hope to be able to announce the awards early in the winter quarter.

Thank you,

Jeanette Rodriguez, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture  

The Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture Faculty Research Grants provide financial support for faculty to undertake research in which they engage and expand the Catholic intellectual heritage. Through this grant, faculty are able to travel to research sites, to study archives, to work with communities or to take the needed time to focus more fully on research.

The program’s goals are to encourage and enable faculty to undertake research and intentionally and robustly engage Catholic thought and culture. Through sharing their scholarship with students, other faculty and the broader public, Seattle University faculty members provide opportunities for the community to learn about the influence of Catholicism in the development of thought and the history of cultures.





1. Create a cohort of faculty who will act as exemplars of civil discourse through respectful, critical, academic examination of important issues and who will contribute to an on-going dialogue within our campus community.

2. Practice the art of civil discourse in the face of highly contested social issues.

3. Encourage multidisciplinary critical research/scholarship that engages Catholic teaching and Catholic tradition in this area.

4. Deepen the knowledge and understanding of key issues related to the Catholic Church’s approach to the body and the contemporary challenges to this.

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