Emily Wright, MA

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MA, Geography

Adjunct Faculty

Emily Wright CV (PDF)

Emily Wright (they/them) is a transdisciplinary queer educator, researcher, and coach. Emily studies the nervous system’s role in shaping people’s relationship with environments, including their worldviews and behaviors. They specifically explore how historical, intergenerational, and ongoing environmental and climate trauma affect this relationship, and how trauma healing affects people’s range of choices for action. In their work, Emily draws on somatic psychology, neurobiology, political ecology, behavioral science, and design studies to understand the pathways for supporting positive action toward climate repair and justice.

At Seattle University, Emily teaches Environmental Beliefs and Behaviors to undergraduates, co-listed in the Psychology department. Their approach to teaching is to co-create a container that supports the holistic development of students, in which they can learn more about themselves and how to authentically and purposefully navigate a complex, challenging, and beautiful world.

Emily holds an MA in Human Geography from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (2017) focusing on political ecology of development programs for rural seaweed aquaculture in Indonesia. They received their BA in Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Policy and Culture from Northwestern University (2007)