Career Resources

Career Resources

Put your Environmental Studies Degree to Work

Environmental Studies graduates find employment with local government, nonprofits and private consulting firms in the areas of environmental outreach, education and communication, policy and advocacy, housing and transportation planning, development, waste and water management, land use and sustainable food systems.  Students also extend their education through graduate studies in environmental and natural resource management, environmental education, environmental science, marine affairs, environmental health, planning, policy and law.

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Request a Letter of Reference

Step 1: Select a professor who knows you well.

Step 2: Contact this professor to arrange a time to meet in person to discuss the opportunity.

Step 3: If the professor agrees to write you a letter, send them the following items (some may not apply depending on the opportunity):

  • Your draft personal statement for your application.
  • A copy of your college transcript (an unofficial photocopy is acceptable).
  • A sample of the best written work that you submitted in one of your classes.
  • Your résumé. For assistance, visit the Career Engagement Office in Pavilion 110.
  • A complete list of schools or organizations to which you are applying, along with due dates and mode of application (for example, by printed letter, electronic application).
  • A signed and dated Reference Letter Request.

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Green Job Listing 

Seattle University Resources 

Redhawk Landing

A mentorship tool offered to Seattle University students and alumni, Redhawk Landing offers Alumni the opportunity to serve as mentors for students and other alumni as well as be mentored themselves. 


King County EVST Job Listserve

Click on the box and send an email to the Listserve.  You will receive email notices of open King County Environmental positions.