Summer Update

We're excited to announce that beginning July 1, the IRB will implement its new e-system: researchers will submit all new studies via the SU OneAegis system using your SU credentials.

(If you have a currently open expedited or full-board protocol, you should continue to use traditional post-approval forms for Modification Requests, Continuing Review, etc.)

We hope to offer a streamlined, intuitive experience that balances the needs of our campus researchers with those of the administrative needs of the office and reviewers. We welcome your feedback to improve this online experience. Please email with any questions or if you need support. 


AY2023-24 full-board submission deadlines/meeting dates will be available by late summer. The IRB does not review full-board protocols during the summer months.

Except during holidays and other university closures, exempt, DNP, and expedited reviews occur on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. PIs must submit full-board protocols by 5 p.m. Friday three weeks before convened board meetings. (Applications submitted after 5 p.m. will be processed/reviewed for the subsequent month meeting. No exceptions.)

See Review Categories & Timeline for more information. For further guidance or consultation, contact the IRB at 206-296-2585 or

Get to know your reviewers! All our board members are always happy to serve as IRB liaisons and answer questions you may have about the IRB. Or you may contact the office directly at or 206-296-2585. 


To comply with Federal regulations and SU policies, all SU affiliates must submit any proposal involving human participants to the SU Institutional Review Board (IRB), which will assess and help mitigate physical, psychological, legal, and/or social risks by establishing protections reflecting best practices in human participant research and University guidelines. For exempt and "Not Human Participant Research" determinations (e.g., quality improvement, etc.), the IRB must evaluate the proposed project before initiation and establish that it meets criteria for no further IRB review. Under no circumstances can the IRB issue a retroactive determination. NOTE: No aspect of a study -- including recruitment -- may begin prior to receiving a written IRB determination of exemption or approval.