Fall Quarter 2022

Welcome back to another Fall term! We look forward to supporting your research this year, and we're excited to announce an upcoming development: the University has graciously supported contracting with a vendor to transition to an online IRB submission process. This system, which we hope will be live by Winter Quarter, will allow a smoother, clearer experience that ensures complete submissions, facilitates better communication in both directions, and allows for individual research dashboards that support storing projects and collaborating with external colleagues.

We're also happy to welcome five new board members: Dr. Pete Collins (Criminal Justice), Dr. Jen Fricas (College of Nursing), Dr. Michael Jaycox (Theology & Religious Studies), Dr. Won Kidane (School of Law), and Dr. Nicole Wood (Kinesiology). All our board members are always happy to serve as a liaison and answer questions you may have about the IRB. Or you may contact the office directly at irb@seattleu.edu or 206-484-2561. 


To comply with Federal regulations and SU policies, all SU affiliates must submit any proposal involving human participants to the SU Institutional Review Board (IRB), which will assess and help mitigate physical, psychological, legal, and/or social risks by establishing protections reflecting best practices in human participant research and University guidelines.

Covid & In-Person Data Collection

Currently, no restrictions exist on in-person data collection. However, we ask all researchers to use their best judgment and discretion about spacing, masking, and sanitation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IRB at irb@seattleu.edu or 206-296-2585.