Announcement of new University Leadership Council

January 21, 2016

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am pleased to announce the formation of the University Leadership Council as a strengthened means for involving a broad and diverse set of university leaders in advising and informing the decision-making process of the university. Let me explain its origin and purpose.

Over the past several years, several groups of university leaders have assisted the Cabinet and me in our deliberations on important university matters. They included the President's Advisory Council, the Leadership Summit and the Budget Consultation Group. While these groups have been helpful, there is also a need to remove overlap and duplication between the entities, ensure sufficient faculty involvement and make sure the broader university leadership is fully represented early enough in the process for all viewpoints to be considered. At the same time, I believe this restructured approach will help build upon efforts to provide the university greater voice in key decisions and promote a high level of openness and transparency around what is involved in those decisions. For these reasons, I have decided to establish the University Leadership Council as a single advisory body to replace these other groups.

The purpose of the Council is to be engaged in and inform important decisions while they are in the process of being made and when there is opportunity for input and advice to help shape the ultimate decision for the better. The council is composed of leaders who have a range of responsibilities and are committed to what is in the long-term best interests of the university as a whole. It includes faculty from Academic Assembly and from all colleges and schools. The Council will meet three times a year-or more frequently if there is special need-to consider the overarching issues of the university that properly call for wide consultation. (I intend, for example, to bring to the first meeting this quarter certain decisions needing to be made based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Inclusive Excellence and Diversity).

Please see the list below of those who have agreed to serve on the University Leadership Council. I am grateful to them for their service to the university. I look forward to sharing discussions of the Council with the campus community as we move forward. Please join me in supporting its work and success.


Stephen V. Sundborg, S. J.

University Leadership Council Roster, 2016  

  • Mallory Barnes-Ohlson, President, SGSU
  • Peter Brous, Albers School of Business & Economics (Faculty)
  • Annette Clark, Dean, School of Law
  • Terri Clark, Academic Assembly Vice President
  • Isiaah Crawford, Provost
  • Marilyn Crone, Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Bob Dullea, Vice President for Planning and Vice Provost
  • Bob Duniway, Assistant Vice President, Planning
  • Bill Ehmann, Associate Provost for Research & Graduate Educ.
  • Rick Fehrenbacher, Dean, Continuing Online & Professional Educ.
  • Ona Fisher, GSC President
  • Heather Geiger, Director of IT Finance & Accreditation Officer
  • Darrell Goodwin, Dean of Students
  • Jannette (Jan) Hartley, Library (Faculty)
  • Andrea Herrera-Katahira, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity
  • Bill Hogan, Athletic Director
  • Ben Howe, Matteo Ricci College (Faculty)
  • Jerry Huffman, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Kim Isaac Brooks, Associate Vice President for Development
  • Rosa Joshi, College of Arts & Sciences (Faculty)
  • Connie Kanter, Vice President, Finance
  • Jodi Kelly, Dean, Matteo Ricci College
  • Kent Koth, Exec. Director, Center for Community Engagement
  • Josh Krawczyk, Director of University Retention Initiatives
  • Chuck Lawrence, Associate Provost for Academic Achievement
  • Tim Leary, Executive Vice President
  • Tamara Liddell, Director, Campus Ministry
  • Tom Lucas, S.J., Rector, Jesuit Community
  • Mark Markuly, Dean, School of Theology & Ministry
  • Tim Marron, Executive Director, Campus Public Safety
  • Susan Matt, College of Nursing (Faculty)
  • Scott McClellan, Vice President for Communications
  • Margit McGuire, Academic Assembly President
  • Agnieszka Miguel, College of Science & Engineering (Faculty)
  • Erin Morgan, Registrar & Director of Enrollment Services Ops.
  • Michele Murray, Vice President, Student Development
  • Travis Nation, Associate Chief Information Officer
  • Melore Nielsen, Dean of Admissions
  • Monica Nixon, Assistant Vice President, Student Development
  • Andrew O'Boyle, Associate Vice President, Finance
  • Joe Orlando, Associate Vice President, Mission & Ministry
  • Mary Petersen, Vice President & University Counsel
  • Joe Phillips, Dean, Albers School of Business & Economics
  • Michael Podlin, Vice President, University Advancement
  • John Popko, University Librarian
  • Chuck Porter, CIO & Associate V.P. for Information Technology
  • Russell Powell, Associate Provost, Global Engagement
  • David Powers, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Michael Quinn, Dean, College of Science & Engineering
  • Czarina Ramsay, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Manivong (Vong) Ratts, College of Education (Faculty)
  • Deanna Sands, Dean, College of Education
  • Rob Schwartz, Associate V.P., Facilities Administration
  • Jeff Scofield, Director, Student Financial Services
  • Ivette Serna, Director, University Budgets
  • Janet Shandley, Director, Graduate Admissions
  • Ron Slye, School of Law (Faculty)
  • Alvin Sturdivant, Associate Vice President, Student Development
  • Stephen Sundborg, S.J., President
  • Kristen Swanson, Dean, College of Nursing
  • Dung Tran, School of New & Continuing Studies (Faculty)
  • Josh Treybig, SBA President
  • Michael Trice, School of Theology & Ministry (Faculty)
  • Susan Vosper, Assistant Vice President, Office of Alumni Engagement