Integrity of Admissions at Universities

Written by Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J. President
March 19, 2019

Dear Seattle University Community,

Last week, federal prosecutors charged 50 individuals in connection with a scheme to influence admission decisions through cheating, bribery and providing false information in applications to eight universities. Among the charges, the indictments allege The Key Worldwide, a college preparation firm at the center of the scandal, bribed at least nine coaches and one athletic official in exchange for admitting students as athletic recruits to the institutions.

The integrity of Seattle University’s admissions process is central to our mission and values. Our policies and procedures reflect a commitment to a process that is ethical, fair, transparent and professional. Applications of students are carefully reviewed through a holistic approach that considers many factors.

Although we have no indication that Seattle University has any connection to this nationwide admissions scandal, we have initiated an internal review of our own records to be certain. The review will help ensure we are meeting our high standards and professional business practices.

As always, we welcome any concerns or feedback you may have. I want to remind all in our community that we have a confidential reporting line. It is a way for any member of our community to anonymously report activities that may involve unethical behavior, improper conduct or violations of university policy. Reports can be made online at the above link or by calling 888-393-6824.


Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J.