Julie Homchick Crowe, PhD

PhD, Communication

Assistant Professor, Communication

Phone: 206-296-2807

Building/Room: 1103 Building, 200C

Julie Homchick Crowe_CV (PDF)


Julie Homchick Crowe is an Assistant Professor in the Communication and Media Department at Seattle University who specializes in rhetorical studies and the public understanding of science. Prior to working at Seattle University, she earned her PhD at the University of Washington and taught at Dartmouth College, the University of Puget Sound, and Western Washington University. Dr. Crowe’s research specifically focuses on arguments about science, nature, health, and our bodies in the public sphere. More specifically, she studies science denialism through a critical framework and asks how arguments against established scientific claims about nature and human biology function in public discourse.

Dr. Crowe has published on various issues related to the public understanding of science in journals like Environmental Communication, The Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry, and Science & Education. Current projects of hers focus on women’s health and arguments related to pregnancy, labor, and maternity. Dr. Crowe teaches broadly across her discipline and in the university core, teaching courses in rhetorical studies, persuasion, public speaking, health communication, scientific controversies, environmental communication, professional communication, and communication research. She strongly values public engagement in her teaching as well, which is evidenced by her service-learning courses, her work on campus with the Center for Community Engagement, her mentoring of public school science teachers in the “Teachers as Scholars” seminar at the UW, and her work as a consultant for the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Project 2061 for science literacy.