Robert Aguirre

PhD, English

Associate Teaching Professor, English

Phone: 206-220-8435

Building/Room: HUNT 204

Robert Aguirre CV (PDF)


I have been teaching literature and composition since the early 1990s and can honestly say that I have enjoyed every class I have ever taught. When I am not teaching, my time is filled by family, reading, movies, working out, and a little Xbox. And, of course, in the fall I follow the trials and tribulations of Husker Football and Volleyball.

Current and Recent Courses:

  • UCOR 1100-Academic Writing Seminar: Writing About Class War
  • UCOR 1400-Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities: Postmodern Aesthetics
  • UCOR 3400-Humanities and Global Challenges: Dystopian Literature
  • HONORS 2160-Literatures of Resistance
  • ENGLISH 2000: Literature Studies
  • ENGLISH 2020: Encountering American Literature

My composition courses focus on political ethics, social justice, and issues of citizenship in order to practice and refine the art of academic rhetoric.  My literature classes emphasize the connection between (modern and postmodern) aesthetics and (theoretical and historical) context in various sub-genres.


PhD - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
MA - San Diego State University