Wingate Packard, MA

Picture of Wingate Packard

MA, English

Adjunct Faculty

Building/Room: Rianna 102


I graduated with a BA in English/Creative Writing from Princeton University. As an undergraduate, I spent a semester in London with a theater-oriented program. I earned my MA in English at the University of Washington. I have taught high school and college English. 

I have extensive experience as a professional writer and editor. My love of reading has led me to write book reviews for The Seattle Times, the International Examiner in the International District, and other publications for over 30 years. My first two jobs out of college were teaching English in rural Japan and working for an English-language newspaper in Tokyo.

At Seattle University, I teach UCOR 1100 (the Academic Writing Seminar) and two courses for the Writing Minor, English 2135 (Grammar and Punctuation) and English 2138 (Style and Editing).