University Emergencies

Lock-Down Steps:

If the order to “Lock Down” is given, you should do the following:

  • If you are in an office or a room that can be locked, close and lock the door, turn out lights, lay low and shelter behind any furniture against a solid wall.
  • If the doors do not lock, stack furniture in front of the door, turn out the lights, lay low and shelter behind the remaining furniture against a solid wall.
  • Avoid sheltering in an area in the room near or next to the windows.
  • Wait for further instructions or messages that the threat has passed.
  • If you are in an outside area, evacuate yourself away from campus to an open business or other safe area and take cover.
  • Monitor for updates and the “all clear” signal from Public Safety or the police.

Shelter-in-Place Steps:

Certain types of emergencies (chemical, biological threat, or radiological incident) may warrant campus and 911 authorities to issue Shelter-in-Place alerts. In these instances seek shelter inside an interior room (bathroom, internal office, classroom, etc.). Close all doors and windows and cover all ventilation vents with damp clothing, towels, or papers. Stay in place and watch or listen for updates from campus or emergency authorities via email, radio, or the university emergency status web page, and watch or listen for text and voice updates from campus and/or 911 authorities.

Evacuation Assembly Areas:

Emergency circumstances may require all persons to leave initial evacuation assembly areas and move to the University Evacuation Camp, which is located at Championship Field. Public Safety staff will advise when further evacuation is necessary. You may review specific building evacuation information on the Seattle University Public Safety website: