Transfer Out

Transfer Out your SEVIS record

Students who are intending to attend another college or university in the United States are required to transfer their SEVIS record to their new school. Immigration Advisors or Designated School Officials (DSOs) can only view the records of students attending their school. This means that when you choose to go to a new school, we need to send your SEVIS record to them so that they can issue you a new I-20. 

There are a few steps you need to take in order to transfer your SEVIS record to your new school.

  1. Fill out your new school's paperwork for transferring your SEVIS record in
  2. Provide Seattle University with your acceptance letter to your new school
  3. Fill out the Transfer-Out Form and email to your primary immigration advisor or 


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are transferring to a new school after completing your studies or ending your OPT, your SEVIS record MUST be transferred within your 60-day grace period (the 60 days following your I-20 end date or the end date on your EAD card). Be sure to start this process early so you can maintain your current F-1 status! Contact the ISC if you have any questions about this process.