Jennifer Loertscher, Ph.D.




Phone: 206.296.5945

Building/Room: SINE 590-13

Teaching and Research Interests

The Loertscher group is focused on research to understand and improve student learning in undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry. Prof. Loertscher is co-author of an active learning textbook for biochemistry entitled Foundations of Biochemistry and has worked with the biochemistry education community to create learning and assessment materials for use in the undergraduate biochemistry classroom. Her research in this area focuses on the ways in which faculty classroom practices influence students’ understanding of foundational concepts and their ability to develop transferable skills like teamwork and analysis of complex problems. Most recently, she has been involved in identifying and investigating threshold concepts in biochemistry.


As an undergraduate at Grinnell College, Prof. Loertscher studied both chemistry and German literature, earning B.A. degrees in 1996. She earned her Ph.D. in environmental toxicology working with Dr. Lynn Allen-Hoffmann at University of Wisconsin. Her graduate research was at the interface of biology and chemistry, studying the toxic effects of the environmental contaminant dioxin on human skin cell biology and development. Subsequently, Prof. Loertscher was a Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service fellow studying biochemistry and genetics in the lab of Dr. Robin Wright at the University of Washington. There she identified and characterized a protein complex required for cold adaptation in eukaryotic cells. She began her academic career as an assistant professor of chemistry at Seattle University in 2003 and has enjoyed working with students ever since. In addition to teaching chemistry, Professor Loertscher is a Faculty Associate with the Center for Jesuit Education where she works with faculty and staff colleagues to explore and implement principles and practices drawn from the Jesuit Educational Tradition.

Recent Publications

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