Faculty and Staff

Photo of Alan Adamian

Alan Adamian

Senior Administrative Assistant - CSE Advising Center

Phone: (206)-296-2500

Building/Room: BANN 323

Photo of Aisha Ali

Aisha Ali

Pre-Health Advisor

Phone: 206.296.2243

Building/Room: BANN 323-01

Photo of Jessica Allison, M.A.

Jessica Allison, M.A.

Science and Engineering Advising Center

Senior Academic Advisor

Phone: 206.296.2263

Building/Room: BANN 323-02

Photo of Amal Al-Wahish, PhD

Amal Al-Wahish, PhD



Phone: 206-296-2583

Building/Room: BANN 100

Photo of Alexandros Both

Alexandros Both

Adjunct, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Building/Room: BANN 230

Photo of Heidi Carlson

Heidi Carlson

Senior Administrative Assistant, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 206-296-5520

Building/Room: BANN 544

Photo of Christopher Cericola

Christopher Cericola

Adjunct, Mathematics

Building/Room: BANN 506

Photo of Deanna Clem

Deanna Clem


Laboratory Supervisor

Phone: 206.296.5947

Building/Room: SINE 560-01

Photo of Jennifer Coogan, M.A., M.Ed.

Jennifer Coogan, M.A., M.Ed.

Science and Engineering Advising Center

Director and Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs

Phone: 206.220.8127

Building/Room: BANN 323-04

Photo of Susan Curless

Susan Curless

Chemistry & Biology Departments

Storeroom, Hazardous Materials, and Instruments Manager

Phone: 206.220.8019

Building/Room: SINE 180-06

Photo of Jeffrey Difranco

Jeffrey Difranco

Adjunct, Mathematics

Building/Room: BANN 526

Photo of Robin Evans

Robin Evans

Dean's Office

Manager of Budget and Operations

Phone: 206.296.5502

Building/Room: BANN 322

Photo of Gary Fernandes

Gary Fernandes

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Laboratory Manager

Phone: 206.296.5971

Building/Room: BANN 219

Photo of Michelle Finet

Michelle Finet

Dean's Office

Director of Development

Phone: 206.296.2846

Building/Room: BANN 332

Photo of Isa Galligar

Isa Galligar

Chemistry Department

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206-296-5950

Building/Room: SINE 501

Photo of Nirmala Gnanapragasam, Ph.D., P.E.

Nirmala Gnanapragasam, Ph.D., P.E.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Associate Professor

Phone: 206.296.5522

Building/Room: BANN 561

Photo of Lyn Gualtieri, Ph.D.

Lyn Gualtieri, Ph.D.

Environmental Science

Teaching Professor
Director of Environmental Science

Phone: 206.296.5531

Building/Room: BANN 563

Photo of Mau Gutiérrez Amézquita

Mau Gutiérrez Amézquita

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Seattle University

Lab Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 206.296.5506

Building/Room: BANN 478

Photo of Macklin Hamilton

Macklin Hamilton

Project Center

Corporate Relations Specialist

Phone: 206-296-2832

Building/Room: BANN 344-02

Photo of Samantha Hoang, Ph.D.

Samantha Hoang, Ph.D.

Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington

Assistant Professor

Building/Room: BANN 467

Photo of Hallie Hominda

Hallie Hominda

Senior Academic Advisor

Phone: 206-296-2542

Building/Room: BANN 323-03

Photo of Eric Larson, Ph.D.

Eric Larson, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Professor and Associate Chair
Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan

Phone: 206.296.5513

Building/Room: SINE 302-05

Photo of Lin Li, Ph.D.

Lin Li, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Computer Science, Clemson University

Phone: 206.296.2112

Building/Room: BANN 306

Photo of Jimena Luna

Jimena Luna


Laboratory Manager

Phone: 206.220.8535 / 8262

Building/Room: SINE 260-01

Photo of Kevin Lundeen, MS

Kevin Lundeen, MS

Computer Science

Associate Teaching Professor
MS, Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Boston

Phone: 206.296.2333

Building/Room: BANN 530

Photo of Joseph McEwen

Joseph McEwen

Instructor, Physics

Building/Room: BANN 158

Photo of Sally McLaughlin, M.S.

Sally McLaughlin, M.S.


Associate Teaching Professor

Phone: 206.296.2009

Building/Room: SINE 402-07

Photo of Ariana Mendible

Ariana Mendible

Assistant Professor

Building/Room: BANN 428

Photo of Vicky Minderhout, Ph.D.

Vicky Minderhout, Ph.D.


Professor Emeritus

Photo of Samantha Morefield, M.S.

Samantha Morefield, M.S.



Phone: 206.220.8207

Building/Room: SINE 390-05

Photo of Alvin Moser, Ph.D

Alvin Moser, Ph.D

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Associate Professor
Director Computer Engineering Specialization

Phone: 206.296.5963

Building/Room: BANN 224

Photo of Dale Nash

Dale Nash

Computer Science

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206.296.5510

Building/Room: SINE 301

Photo of James Obare, MS

James Obare, MS

Computer Science

Assistant Teaching Professor
MS, Computer Management, University of Poona

Phone: 206.296.2837

Building/Room: SINE 220-03

Photo of Sheila Oh, MS

Sheila Oh, MS

Computer Science

Associate Teaching Professor and Director, Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate Program
MS, Computer Science, DePaul University

Phone: 206.296.2164

Building/Room: SINE 302-07

Photo of Elizabeth (Liz) Pilati

Elizabeth (Liz) Pilati

Executive Coordinator

Phone: 206-296-5505

Building/Room: BANN 329

Photo of Thomas Pool, Ph.D.

Thomas Pool, Ph.D.



Building/Room: SINE 390-09

Photo of Brett Prim

Brett Prim

Dean's Office

Director of Marketing and Recruitment

Phone: 206.296.6946

Building/Room: BANN 328

Photo of Susan Reeder, MA

Susan Reeder, MA

Computer Science

Associate Teaching Professor
MA, Computer Science, The University of South Dakota

Phone: 206.296.5508

Building/Room: SINE 290-05

Photo of Kara Reichenbach

Kara Reichenbach

B.A., Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: (206) 296-5540

Building/Room: BANN 472

Photo of Mara Rempe, Ph.D.

Mara Rempe, Ph.D.

Dean's Office

Associate Dean

Phone: 206.296.5582

Building/Room: BANN 329-02

Photo of Shen Ren, Ph.D.

Shen Ren, Ph.D.

Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington

Assistant Teaching Professor

Building/Room: BANN 473

Photo of Casandra Ruiz

Casandra Ruiz

Physics & Electrical and Computer Engineering

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206-296-5970

Building/Room: BANN 225

Photo of Julie Schwabe

Julie Schwabe


Lab Manager

Phone: 206.296.5665

Building/Room: SINE 461

Photo of Owen Stevens

Owen Stevens

Lab Manager - Civil Engineering

Phone: 206.220.8022

Building/Room: BANN 554

Photo of Matthew Thayer

Matthew Thayer

Computer Science Department


Building/Room: SINE 290-13

Photo of Lorena Toledo-Eastey

Lorena Toledo-Eastey

Dean's Office

Budget and Operations Coordinator

Phone: 206-296-5504

Building/Room: BANN 324

Photo of Jorge Vargas

Jorge Vargas

Dean's Office

Senior Administrative Assistant and Project Center Assistant

Phone: 206.296.5503

Building/Room: BANN 344

Photo of Chris Varney, Ph.D.

Chris Varney, Ph.D.


Laboratory Manager

Phone: 206.296.2833

Building/Room: BANN 134

Photo of Rebecca Von Groote

Rebecca Von Groote

Computer Science

Senior Academic Advisor

Phone: 206.296.2437

Building/Room: SINE 301

Photo of Steven Wood

Steven Wood


Laboratory Supervisor

Phone: 206.296.2082

Building/Room: SINE 361

Photo of Michael Wright, S.E.

Michael Wright, S.E.

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Phone: 206.296.5525

Building/Room: BANN 560

Photo of Bert Xue

Bert Xue



Phone: 206-296-5939

Building/Room: BANN 156

Photo of Claudia Ye

Claudia Ye

Adjunct, Mathematics

Building/Room: BANN 530

Photo of Xin Zhao, Ph.D

Xin Zhao, Ph.D

Computer Science Department

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Alabama

Phone: 206.220.8028

Building/Room: BANN 528

Photo of Yingwu Zhu, Ph.D.

Yingwu Zhu, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Professor and Director of MSCS
Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Cincinnati

Phone: 206.296.5515

Building/Room: SINE 302-09