Hidy Kong, Ph.D.

Dr. Kong

Computer Science

Assistant Professor

Phone: 206.296.5562

Building/Room: SINE 290-03

Dr. Kong's Personal Webpage


Teaching Interests:
  • Data Structures
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Visual Analytics

Research Interests:

My research interests are in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and visualization. My current projects focus on people’s perceptions and usage of data visualization in various domains including healthcare and the media.

Recently, I have studied credibility and trust in visualization online, and examined the role of textual components in information recall and trust. I also built and evaluated visualization webtools to help clinicians and parents of young children communicate more efficiently.


Recent Publications:

Do H., Kong H. K., Lee J., & Bailey B., "How Should the Agent Communicate to the Group? Communication Strategies of a Conversational Agent in Group Chat Discussions", PACM HCI - CSCW 2022.  
Jung G., Oh J., Jung Y., Sun J., Kong, H. K., & Lee U. “Good Enough!”: Flexible Goal Achievement with Margin‐based Outcome Evaluation.” CHI 2021. 
J. Kim, H. Kong, H. Hong, and K. Karahalios. Enriched Social Translucence in Medical Crowdfunding. DIS 2020. 
H. Kong and K. Karahalios. Addressing Cognitive and Emotional Barriers in Parent-Clinician Communication through Behavioral Visualization Webtools, CHI 2020. 
H. Kong, W. Zhu, Z. Liu, and K. Karahalios. Understanding Visual Cues in Visualizations Accompanied by Audio Narrations, CHI 2019. 
H. Kong, Z. Liu, and K. Karahalios. Trust and Recall of Information across Varying Degrees of Title-Visualization Misalignment, CHI 2019. 
H. Kong, Z. Liu, and K. Karahalios. Frames and Slants in Titles of Visualizations on Controversial Topics, CHI 2018. 
H. Kong*, J. Lee*, and K. Karrahalios. A Comparative Study of Visualizations with Different Granularities of Behavior for Communicating about Autism, CSCW 2018. *contributed equally