Program Review Committee

Interim Approach for AY22

Academic Assembly has unsuspended and reactivated the Program Review Committee (PRC) for AY22 and endorsed the following plan for managing its two main functions: curriculum change proposal review and program review.

Curriculum Change Proposal Review

1. The Provost's Office will continue to manage the annual cycle of curriculum change proposal review through the interim process established last year, and the restriction on the kinds of program-change and course-change proposals to be submitted is no longer in place. Working with the VP of Curriculum and Chair of PRC, we will identify significant/substantial program changes that require a full review by PRC. 

2. Proposals for new undergraduate programs will not be received. Proposals for new graduate programs will go through the process described below.

Program Review

1. In order to create space for rethinking our processes of academic program review and assessment at Seattle University, PRC will focus this year on completing those program reviews that have concluded or nearly concluded their self-study and are awaiting final review from the PRC. Any program scheduled to begin its periodic program review this year, and any program whose review was previously scheduled and subsequently postponed, will be asked to postpone their review until Reimagining and Revising the Curriculum is complete and a new process for review is put in place.

2. The postponement of program review will not apply to externally accredited programs which are subject to a different accreditation timeline—the PRC will continue to conduct its role in the review of these programs.


Please direct any questions to John Fleming (Academic Affairs Program Manager) at

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Margit McGuire (Chair), 2021-2023
Wai-Shun Hung, CAS, 2021-2022
Davit Adut, Albers, 2021-2022
Erica Yamamura, COE, 2021-2022
Carrie Miller, CON, 2021-2022
Jeff Brown, CSE, 2021-2022
TBA, 2021-2022
Charles Tung (Ex-Officio)


A subcommittee of Academic Assembly that reviews new program proposals and existing program reviews and then makes a formal report, including recommendations, to Academic Assembly.


Recommendatory to Academic Assembly.


Meets bi-weekly, at the direction of the Chair, or upon request of a simple majority of the members. Meetings are closed to non-members, with the exception of program representatives by invitation.


Membership consists of a faculty member from each school/college, the Chair (who is the vice president of Academic Assembly), and an ex-officio Associate or Vice Provost. Faculty eligible must be full-time and have taught at Seattle University for at least 3 years. Deans and higher administrators are not eligible. Term of service for faculty members are 3 years beginning October 1 and ending September 30 the following year. Successors are nominated by their school/college and appointed by the Academic Assembly.

Reports To:

Academic Assembly

Minutes Distribution

Minutes are kept in the Provost’s Office and are only read by members of the committee and Academic Assembly.

PRC Contact:

John Fleming (Academic Affairs Program Manager)