Strategic Plan

College of Nursing Strategic Plan

In a 2017 CON retreat, faculty and staff unanimously endorsed the 2017-22 CON strategic plan. Our values (empowerment, innovation, caring, social justice, and integrity) frame our mission: “We educate and inspire leaders to transform health care for a just and humane world.” Our vision is ”We are recognized as an engaged, creative and dynamic learning organization, committed to social justice, innovation, scholarship, teaching excellence, and the formation of professionals ready to meet the evolving health care needs of a global community.” We fulfill our mission and vision through five strategic goals stated as “commitments to excellence”: (1) Dynamic Learning Organization; (2) Social Justice for Health Equity; (3) Innovative and Integrative Scholarship; (4) Teaching Excellence; and (5) Leadership Formation. 

2017-22 College of Nursing Strategic Plan

College of Nursing Strategic Plan


We educate and inspire leaders to transform health care for a just and humane world.

Dynamic Learning Organization

1a. Community of lifelong learners

1b. Respectful colleagues

1c. Accountable to the mission

1d. Owners of outcomes

1e. Continuous quality improvement

Social Justice for Health Equity

2a. Honor the dignity and worth of all

2b. Welcome and celebrate diversity

2c. Invite meaningful discourse

2d. Meet people where they are

2e. Engage courageously in the struggle

2f. Ease suffering

2g. Discern a just path

2h. Lead from where you land

Innovative and Integrative Scholarship

3a. Explore the intersections among health, discovery, and learning

3b. Incorporate empirical research

3c. Tikkun Olam (Repair the World)

3d. Honor the Jesuit tradition 

3e. Liberate the human spirit

Teaching Excellence

4a. Foster a safe learning environment

4b. Encourage academic risk taking

4c. Engage in active learning

4d. Foster intellectual curiosity

4e. Nurture creativity and joy in learning

4f. Cultivate evidence seekers

4g. Expect accountability

Leadership Formation

We Graduate Health Care Leaders Who Are: 

5a. Guided by their professional codes of ethics

5b. Empowered and reflective change agents

5c. Owners of their own expertise

5d. Solutions oriented

5e. Systems navigators 

5f. Effective communicators

5g. Advocates for justice and diverse perspectives