Lab Team

Meet the CPL Team

The CPL team is comprised of energetic, dynamic, and highly skilled individuals. Each team member brings a wealth of wisdom and ability to problem-solve. The goal of the CPL team is to offer a warm, welcoming space for learning and to ensure faculty have the resources they need to nurture the learning of students.

To contact the CPL Team, email

Joey Salazar

Operations Coordinator

Day-to-day management of the CPL space.
(206) 296-2384

Carrie Miller

Associate Dean for Innovations in Clinical Teaching and CPL Director

Addresses overarching needs of the CPL
(206) 296-2196

Brian O'Malley

Simulation Technology Specialist

Supports and conducts simulations for high-fidelity, OSCE's and learning experiences within the CPL


Administrative Assistant

Scheduling, data-input, tours, equipment check-out, general assistance
(206) 296-2394

Mary Schafer

Simulation Coordinator

Simulation assistance, orientation/training and scheduling 

Aurora Vandewark

Simulation Coordinator

Simulation assistance, orientation/training and scheduling
(206) 296-2350

Lab Techs

Our team of dedicated lab techs are student workers who make sure the CPL is up and running each and every day. If you need to reach them contact the front desk at (206) 296-2394 for assistance.