RecycleMania 2017


 There was snow on the ground for the Reyclemania kick-off event, Garbology. Students, staff, faculty, and community members braved the cold to sort and weigh the waste that was all produced the previous day on campus. 

Volunteers remained dry under canopies while sorting and spreading the word about RecycleMania.

Students and staff sort through some trash to pick out compostables and recyclables. They also did some "trash talking!"

Recycling Coordinator Eric (right) and intern Joe (left) stand by the pile of waste generated from campus. Look at all of that stuff!

Community Recycles Day

On April 29, Facilities Services hosted the annual Community Recycles Day. Seattle University community members are encouraged to bring those "hard to recycle" items such as styrofoam, electronics, printer cartridges, clothing, paint, large containers, and scrap wood or metal. If you missed it this year, don't worry! They will be back next year.

Bins await their fulfillment of recyclables

Many stopped by to drop off old technology items. Through responsible recycling you could find that your new computer is partly made from these old clunkers!

Facilities Services made it easy to get rid of those pesky old paint cans and awkward containers.