Student Insurance Coverage

SU Programs

Students participating in SU Faculty-Led and SU-Exchange programs will be automatically enrolled in international travel and medical insurance from Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The Travel and Security Assistance Provider is On Call International.

Students participating in most SU-Sponsored programs will receive insurance coverage through their program provider. Students participating in SU-Sponsored programs which do not include insurance (FU-Best and LUC Vietnam Center) will be enrolled in our plan through CISI. 

Students will see the cost of this insurance in their MySeattleU billing closer to their abroad departure date, at $1.71/day (2021-2022 price).

CISI Information

Click the links and watch the video below to learn more about your international insurance coverage through CISI.


Non-SU Programs

Students participating in a Non-SU Sponsored program should discuss medical insurance options with the program provider. 

If you have questions regarding the mandatory insurance, please contact the Education Abroad Office at 206-296-2226 or by email at