Graphic for water. There is a faucet running water into the bottom half of graphic, also water. There are two fish swimming around the water stream and more fish in background.

Single-use Plastic Bottled Water FREE Campus

  • Fill your reusable bottle with free water at these campus locations: 
    • Water fountains
    • C-Street cafeteria has fruit-infused water carafes at the salad bar and water at the soda fountain
    • Bottom Line, Sidebar and Bistro have a water jug 

SU Water Research Projects

  • SU is involved in numerous international water projects, helping to bring clean drinking water to rural communities around the world!

Water Conservation


  • The Admissions and Alumni building is equipped with a rainwater cistern.
  • The Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons has its own rain gardens which supply water to be used in the upper waterfall and pool feature. The building also has low-flow toilets.
  • Dorms are equipped with low-flow toilets and shower heads. 
  • Schedule a campus tour to learn more!


Drip irrigation eliminates water lost from wind, overspray, runoff, and evaporation.  Rain sensors prevent the irrigation system from turning on when it’s raining. Plants are watered in the evenings, when watering is most efficient.

Plants with similar watering requirements are grouped in the same zone. We prefer native, drought tolerant plants. A layer of wood chips around the plants regulates soil temperature and reduces water loss to evaporation. 

Grass is mowed to 3 inches high, which shades the soil, reduces evaporation, and decreases water needs. Grass clippings are left on the lawn to decompose, adding organic matter to the soil and increasing its water-holding capacity. Lawns are aerated to create deep roots able to withstand longer periods between watering.

Schedule a campus tour to learn more!


  • Learn about how precious water is as a resource, such as available forms, availability in different countries, and how resources can be developed sustainably. 
  • Talk with one of SU's faculty experts in water.
  • Take a tour of the Washington State Cedar River Watershed.
  • Explore current impacts of international water crisis. 
  • Calculate your personal water consumption and find ways you can conserve every day.