Bicycle Safety

Bike Registration

The Seattle University DPS Office provides free online Bike Registration. It is important to register bicycles on campus, as doing so helps law enforcement agencies increase the chance of recovery if the bicycle is ever reported stolen.

Bike Registration Form

Bike Locks

Cable locks have been a challenge on campus, and may increase the chance of bike theft. Incident reports show that over 90% of bike thefts reported were secured with a cable type lock, and cut with store bought bolt or wire cutters.

Public Safety data has found that the best bike security results are realized when using a case hardened 3/8-inch chain link bicycle lock.

Front Tire Security

Be sure to place your lock around both the frame of the bicycle and the front wheel. Securing only the front tire can still result in a stolen bike minus the front tire since it is often easy to remove.

Securing Bike Seats

If it can be removed, it can be stolen! Adjustable bike seats are a good example of accessories that can be stolen. If you have a removable seat, the best security method is to simply take the seat with you. However, a bicycle seat can also be locked to the frame with a cable. This method will slow down and deter all but the most determined thief.